How Vayyar Care works with CHARIS Care Nurse Call

Vayyar Care is the 4D imaging  device which detects falls and tracks activity

Touchless technology

Fully automatic: no buttons or cords, wearables or mats required

Wide field of view

140° FOV provides maximum room coverage with no blind spot, ensuring complete protection and visibility

Multifunctioning Sensing

Instant fall detection and a wide range of presence-based activity tracking all supported by just one device

Over-the-air updates

New features are deployed remotely; requires one-time installation and no additional technician visits

Here's how it works

A look in to the process of how Vayyar Care detects and delivers fall notifications to CHARIS

Vayyar Installation

A Vayyar Unit is installed on the ceiling central to the room. It’s wired for power similar to a smoke alarm, with a battery backup, but it connects to the WiFi to communicate with CHARIS. 

The Vayyar Unit scans the room using milimetre wave radio waves and ‘learns’ the room. It’s constantly alert and ready to detect any out of bed events or falls.

A fall event occurs

A resident might attempt to get out of bed, slope out of a chair or fall in the ensuite – whatever the situation, the Vayyar Care unit will detect it.

After a brief confirmation period, the Vayyar Unit confirms the fall event had happened, and immediatley notifies the CHARIS system of the situation.

Fall Notification

The fall notification is pushed to the care staff through the CHARIS Care App – the same app used to recieve nurse call alerts.

No separate logins, no separate apps, no separate systems needed. Vayyar Care is as native to the CHARIS system as a pare push lead.

Staff simply walk in to the room where the fall occured to reset the alert. Simple!

Management Reports

Management can audit staff response times, fall frequency and other KPI data natively as part of the CHARIS nurse call system.

No need to log in to any other separate dashboard to get the data you need!

Status Dashboard

A real time resident status dashboard provides a quick and easy insite in to live movements, making it easier than ever to monitoring multiple residents at once!
– Coming Soon (Q2 2023)