CHARIS (Greek);
grace, kindness, and life

But there’s more to us than a name.

We’ve designed the CHARIS nurse call system to be simple to use, advanced in capability and to assist care staff with monitoring and responding to resident requirements in a more efficient and safer way.

Here’s some of the external systems that CHARIS integrates with!

CHARIS is built on simplicity

CHARIS is designed to be the most advanced nurse call system available to the care market. We’ve built it to be powerful in features, but simple to setup and operate. Perfect!

Help Button

Traditional call points have multiple buttons, with small writing and confusing images. This often results in residents pressing every button, hoping that the right button will summon help.

We adopted the single-press help button to resolve this. It's clear, simple to use, and multiple or long presses can perform staff-driven functions, whilst preserving the simple "Single Press" to make an alert by Residents. Simple!

Display Screens

Display screens need to be clear to read and easy to operate.

CHARIS offers display screens that are high quality, impact and fluid resistent, easy to read and simple to use.

There are multiple sizes available too, so you can choose what suits your environment best.

Walkie Talkie

Getting ahold of staff throughout the building can be frustrating, especially when it's urgent. CHARIS makes this easy, by including a walkie talkie feature within the App.

Staff can quickly raise awareness of a situation, request assistance or find out key information without needing a separate device or app.

Mobile Device App

The push to digital care planning has seen the adoption of mobile android devices for most care providers.

CHARIS allows alerts to be delivered to the same mobile devices that staff are already carrying. This reduces the cost on new devices, simplifies the training process for new staff and provides an audit trail of who accepted and attended alerts.

Built on Android

Use your existing Android devices that care staff are already carrying for digital care planning. No need to buy pagers or buy dedicated devices. If you need new devices then we supply those too!

Safe and Secure

CHARIS is fully inspected and verified by Google Play before being deployed to your devices. Updates are automatic and ensure you are always kept up to date for security and feature updates.

Designed to evolve

Unlike other systems on the market which remain stagnant, CHARIS is designed to evolve with the customer demands. The system is constantly kept up to date and new features remotely released without the need on expensive licences or field engineers.

Vayyar Fall Detection

CHARIS fully integrates with the Vayyar Care Fall Detection and Prevention System. All fully controlled within the CHARIS system.

Full Reporting

CHARIS includes a full reporting dashboard that allows management to pull reports on response times, staff performance and call frequency for each resident.


Pendants, pressure matts, epilepsy sensors, pear push leads and more – whatever accessory you need, CHARIS can support your residents requirements

Future Proofed

CHARIS receives constant automatic updates for security and feature updates, meaning you always get the best out of our product.


CHARIS is backed up to the cloud automatically, plus our technical support engineers can remotely make changes or investigate issues without needing to come to site.


CHARIS is monitored 24/7 by our advanced monitoring system. Our engineers provide round the cloud support giving you peace of mind.

CHARIS is built by Blaucomm, the industry leaders in nurse call integration. This rich experience and success was used as a foundation to build CHARIS to help social care providers have a deoendable and simple to use nurse call system.

Vayyar Care: The Next Generation of Imaging isn’t Camera-based

Vayyar Care uses optics-free radio frequency technology to provide 24/7 touchless monitoring. The device works in all lighting conditions, dense steam, and high humidity, generating 4D point cloud imaging that protects people and respects their privacy.

By choosing CHARIS, Vayyar Care is fully setup, configured, deployed and autited right within CHARIS, without the need to choose another App or Dashboard. This creates a native feel that Vayyar is a part of CHARIS, not a bolt-on!